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Money Lending Registration Services In Andheri

A famous quote 'Money cannot buy happiness' majority of people agreed, but it is still essential for the purchasing power it has. Whatever we do and whatever happens directly or indirectly relate to money which is required for all your daily necessities like food, clothing, and shelter. Keeping in mind the increasing monetary requirements, nowadays there are various lenders or money lending companies in the market. These money lenders provide loans to the clients, as per there need, for which they charge a rate of interest. The interest generates from the lending money has served as income to them, which gets invested in other lending projects to raise more money.

If you also interested in money lending than you should better know that Every money lender must have a license. Once the application is received, the Department of Revenue issue the license within 3 to 4 months from the date of submission of the application form and it is valid for one year. For making this complex procedure easy, We Barchha & Co. offers one of the best Money Lending Registration Services In Mumbai. The proprietor CA. Harshad Barchha is known as founder of the firm. We have been in the industry for more than 10 years and is well acquainted with all aspects of the Industry. Due to vast year of experience, we have carved a strong niche in the domain since our establishment.

We better understand the value of time so we provide services to make your license work easier. We Barchha &Co. assist you in getting Money Lending License in Maharashtra. We are professionals in the field thus, we will also guide you on the books are to maintained and how the yearly Inspection is to be get done. Whenever you need Money Lending Registration Services In Andheri than we are having dedicated team of staff who are highly professionals in the work and better understand the needs of the client so we serve you the best.

We are one the most highly reputed Firm of Tax Consultants located near Andheri station, Mumbai (Easy Accessibility), we mainly deal in taxation and legal aspects of the business. Barchha &Co. offers free documentation to all esteemed client's as well as, if you choose us than we are experts in refinancing tax.