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Goods & Service Tax (GST)

GST (abbreviation for Goods and Service Tax) is a sort of unified indirect tax in India that is levied on the consumers (demand-side) to avail of commodities and services. To purchase or consume any sort of products, or to get any sort of service, a consumer is required to pay a certain amount as GST. For instance, you are charged with GST for every single commodity you buy, such as a pencil, toffee, stationary, fan, bulbs, automobiles, etc. Similarly, you are charged with GST for availing of services too, such as hospitality services, IT services, internet services, etc. However, the consumer is not required to pay the liable tax amount directly to the government. Instead, service providers collect the amount and pay it to the competent authorities on behalf of the consumers. This indicated and signifies the essence of the GST filing process.

GST Filing is a financial procedure (meant for the service providers) that involves the declaration of assets, income made, GST collected, liable tax amount (to be paid), and claiming refund (if any). Financial data is filled during GST filing must be precise and authenticate or else, it will lead to ambiguity and initiation of legal actions. GST filing is no easy task and this is why we are here to help you. We, Barchha And Co., are providing you with the best and most reliable GST Return Filing Services in Mumbai, which could be made available by paying a financially affordable price. We represent a team of versatile and learned working professionals who make every possible effort to make GST filing as (simple & hassle-free) as possible.

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